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Building great wealth takes planning and preparation.

Tell us your wealth goals and we will connect you with the industry experts who specialise in supporting investors like you.

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We’ve built a network of trusted professionals, founded upon fair and fixed costing and a dedication to achieving outstanding results for you.

Simply review and select to form your best team.

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Buy, track and manage

Leveraging our ground breaking Recommendation Engine, your team can help optimize the acquisition of your next property investment.

Our Platform will track and manage the process from start to finish.

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How we do it


For you to invest with confidence, you need to know that your team is dedicated to helping you achieve your wealth goals.

To ensure our network of professionals are up to this job, we perform an in depth service check on each of our partners.

Join our community to follow and discuss real life transactions with other investors just like you to feel confident in your selection.


Achieving great results is the reason why we invest.

Leveraging our resilient, ground breaking Recommendation Engine, we are able to routinely select outstanding property growth and yield investments.

Driven entirely by research and data, we are impartial and able to adapt and invest at any time, anywhere across the country, truly maximising your opportunity and outcomes.


We understand the importance of feeling comfort in having the the right advisors help you and work with other advisors in your team in jointly managing your investment decision process.

Our Transaction Platform will provide that reassurance as each member of your team will collaborate and drive your investment journey in a consistent, transparent process, holding your team accountable to your investment desires at all times.


Success Stories

Guy Williams

10 Purchases in 10 Months

Average Annual Growth: Over 25% each
Average Yield: 6.25%

Danielle S.

7% Under-Market

Purchased: Dec. 2016
Budget: Under $400k, close to Sydney
Negotiation: 7% estimated under-market

Dave W.

30 Client Purchases in 2016

Growth market
Great results for clients - Over 30% growth in many cases.

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